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We do not charge you % in commissions because all your campaigns are equal to your clients, regardless of the amount you invest in advertising. We always charge a fixed amount per month for each advertising campaign.

The amount that you are going to invest in advertising cannot bankrupt you at the end of the month. Entrepreneurs tend to invest approximately between 7% and 10% of the profits they obtain from their business.

As Henry Ford said: "Investing in advertising is like investing in the stock market". The market reacts by many factors (price, demand, need, quality, product knowledge, economic and political stability ...). Our job as an advertising broker is to maximize the security of your investment in advertising, but this is not without risk.

We study what to say, how to say it, where to say it, when to say it and to whom to say it. Diversify advertising campaigns and eliminate those that are not profitable after studying the behavior of your customers in front of your advertising.

An advertising campaign has to attract attention, with impact. Carried out with original and creative marketing, your ads have to stand out from the many advertisements that your customers receive daily.

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